Century – The AI Platform for School Improvement

Please see the details of a new AI (artificial intelligence) platform that we wish to trial at our school.

The product/company is called Century AI at www.century.tech/ or you can view a demo at YouTube channel

The key benefit is that it aims to reduce teacher time spent on routine tasks such as marking, freeing them up to devote more energy to teaching tailored to the needs of individual boys.  In simple terms, it achieves this in two ways –

  • Through use of AI and algorithms, the software analyses where pupils may have deficiencies or weaknesses in their learning of a particular subject, so leading the teacher to areas where he should concentrate
  • Undertakes straightforward or simple marking, freeing up the teacher’s time spent on this task (obviously this would not include more qualitative marking tasks such as reading essays)

One thought on “Century – The AI Platform for School Improvement

  1. Thank you for sending to me the info. on AI enhancement of learning.
    I have looked through the information and I watched the Youtube video
    with interest. I have also researched the product a little and saw a class
    being taught through this system.
    It is very much in line with the way in which teaching is going in that it
    emphasises ‘learning outcomes’, ‘tracking, ‘personalized learning pathways’ and
    easy access for both teachers and parents. Parents and teachers can get real time
    data on pupil progress at the press of a key which is splendid. It also has a system
    for marking ‘prepared work’ (prep) which is where some of the teacher time-saving comes in.
    The fact that the student (pupil) generates the data in this process is excellent as each
    boy or girl is then not only participating in demonstrating their strengths and weaknesses
    but is also getting an individually tailored, bespoke result. Each pupil can then travel along
    his or her optimal learning pathway which will be generated by the AI in the system.
    My guess is that this would be a superb teaching medium in the hands of the right teacher
    who would no doubt wish to strike the balance between AI teaching and the inspirational teaching
    of a subject specialist.
    I imagine that this and many other schools already have tracking and computer systems in
    place that link the school generated learner profiles with the the parents through a parent portal.
    So trialling a scheme like this would be just another step along the line.
    There are some drawbacks:
    • if pupils are pursuing individual learning pathways how do you draw them all together as a class?
    • would the teacher use the prep. facility as a substitute for setting and marking prep. themselves?
    • the programme is somewhat of a strait-jacket as it may diminish the impact of the gifted educator
    • the system does require a great deal of screen staring and the use of visual input: what about those who learn best aurally?
    • are all the teaching staff sufficiently IT competent to cope?
    On balance, I think it would be a very exciting and worthwhile project to support. It is wholly sensible to trial it first
    and I imagine that this sort of system would be suitable for those running up to their GCSE examinations. It should
    vastly improve personalized learning in the rather larger classes that you get at this level.
    I hope this is helpful.

    Yours aye,

    Richard Steel

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