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SAFE-COMMS aims to provide effective communication strategies for the aftermath of terror attacks. By analyzing the communication activities that followed terror attacks in many different countries, as well as the requirements for effective crisis communications, the project will develop a comprehensive and flexible communication strategy for authorities to react after terror attacks. The strategy will be disseminated in the form of a crisis communications manual, and series of training modules and complementary audio-visual material. These deliverables will enable authorities to develop, adapt and enhance their own crisis communication plans for effective reaction in case of terror attacks.

The rapid expansion of global terrorism means that every government office, local authority and organisation is exposed to the threat of a terrorist attack. Such attacks usually come where least expected, as terrorists become globally mobile and search for vulnerable targets across Europe and other countries. A terror attack causes loss of life and destruction of facilities but also wider public panic, misunderstanding and fear. Recovery from a terror attack depends on a carefully planned and effective communications strategy, aimed at three target audiences: the media, the general public and internal employees of the authorities affected by the attack. Only by preparing beforehand could an authority be assured of an effective counter-terrorism communication strategy that dovetails within wider crisis management and continuity plans. SAFE-COMMS aims at providing authorities all over Europe with crisis communication plans specifically designed for terror attacks, which are based on analysis of numerous real-world case studies and the unique requirements of recovery from terror attacks.

SPF: FP7-SECURITY SEC-2007-6.1-03 Communication strategies of public authorities (including media strategies) before, during and after crises concerning risks, security threats and measures

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